To start the year off right

125 grams at the price of 100 grams

The entire Caviar de Neuvic team wishes you a happy new year 2023!

We are offering you a unique offer to get this new year 2023 off to a good start!

Baeri Signature Caviar

Baeri Signature Caviar comes from Acipenser Baeri sturgeon raised in Neuvic, in Aquitaine.

A balanced caviar

In the mouth, this producer's caviar is characterized by the melting texture of the eggs. A little nutty note on the finish. A palette of delicate sensations gives this quality its elegance and balance.

125 grams at the price of 100 grams

242,00 € instead of 302,50 €

Ossetra Signature Caviar

This caviar comes from the Gueldenstaedtii sturgeon at around 12 years old.

An emblematic caviar

The Oscietra sturgeon is a renowned species when we talk about caviar. Its taste is both powerful and structured, which allows it to be appreciated by all palates, even the most experienced.

125 grams at the price of 100 grams

296,00 € instead of 370,00 €

Beluga Signature Caviar

Thanks to an exclusive partnership with a fish farm in Bulgaria, Caviar de Neuvic offers you this exceptional Beluga caviar. Beluga caviar comes from the Huso Huso sturgeon. Raised in the middle of a reservoir fed by melting snow, this species of sturgeon can reach more than 100 kilos at 20 years old.

Beluga caviar, an evocation of wild caviar

The Beluga sturgeon is the best known because it is the rarest and therefore the most expensive. Beluga caviar is most often appreciated by consumers nostalgic for wild caviar. Its grain is the largest of all caviars. Its taste is powerful and the texture of the grains is creamy. Its color varies in a light shade of gray.

125 grams at the price of 100 grams

640,00 € instead of 800,00 €

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Beef tartare with caviar

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