Anti waste

Neuvic caviar and sustainable development. To fight against food waste and in its daily action for sustainable development, Caviar de Neuvic occasionally offers you products discounted with DDM and short expiry dates

Reduce food waste

In a context of climate emergency that calls for change, food is an essential subject, which concerns each of us, without exception.

At the crossroads of energy, agriculture, biodiversity, transport and health issues, food is at the heart of today's environmental and social issues.

Every year, a third of food production is lost or thrown away.

Use-by dates contribute to this waste, which could easily be avoided if we were better informed.

Indeed, there are two types of dates:

“Consume until” - Use-by date (BBD): this is a health date, after which the product may present health risks.

"To be consumed preferably before/end" - Minimum Durability Date (MDD): this is an indicative date, after which the product can evolve, but without health risks.

Our advice? Observe, smell, taste before throwing away!

Short DDM

For our caviars, the DDM is an indicative date after which the original organoleptic qualities of the product are no longer guaranteed.

For caviar, maturation induces a reduction in the size of the eggs and an increase in exudate in the box. The color of the beans may also darken slightly. The taste becomes a little more metallic and also stronger than young caviar.

This is how caviar was consumed only 40 years ago and many connoisseurs are looking for this type of caviar.

As with most cheeses, up to 2 months after the MDD, caviar will not present a health risk but its taste will have evolved.

TooGood ToGo

In France, food losses and waste represent 10 million tonnes of products per year (according to ADEME).

Caviar de Neuvic is a signatory of the pact initiated by TooGood ToGo for the reduction of food waste, known as the Consumption Dates Pact, which has already been signed by around forty players in the sector.

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