Caviar de Neuvic, a pioneering French company in the art of sturgeon breeding and the production of exceptional caviar, embodies a true taste revolution for the epicureans of today and tomorrow. Since its genesis, Caviar de Neuvic has strived to redefine the standards of quality and sustainability within the caviar industry. A unique integration model that is based on the fundamental pillars of respect, excellence and innovation.

Caviar de Neuvic’s commitment to environmental integrity and the well-being of sturgeons is unwavering. The company has created an environment conducive to the flourishing of sturgeons by taking meticulous care to preserve water quality and the integrity of the ecosystem, and by guaranteeing an organic diet perfectly adapted to their needs. All this, in our ultimate quest to create an unparalleled taste experience for the epicureans of today and tomorrow.


The initial project of Caviar de Neuvic consisted of a single line: Produce in France an environmentally friendly Caviar of Excellence.

When Laurent Deverlanges, passionate about aquaculture, presented his program, he quickly won over a group of associates who decided to support the project. These were mainly business leaders from the lifestyle, innovation and luxury professions.

Depending on the project and the investments, they were joined by investment funds from the luxury sector and funds from local banks. These partners make a major contribution to the success of the project.

The Caviar de Neuvic company is located in Périgord, in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region. The 30 ha estate is located in the communes of Neuvic and Sourzac, along the Isle. This river, a pioneer in sturgeon farming, is home to 3 other players in sturgeon farming and was at the origin of the first productions of Aquitaine caviar in the 1980s.




In 2013, the France Initiative association, under the presidency of Mr. Schweitzer and with the support of the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), distinguished Domaine Caviar de Neuvic by selecting it among the ten "remarkable companies" of the 'year. This recognition saluted the company's innovative approach.

Notably, this “remarkable company” certification was reaffirmed in 2020, thus highlighting the company's consistency in its commitment to innovation and excellence, confirming its status as a major player in the caviar sector.

This distinction in 2013, followed by its renewal in 2020, allowed Caviar de Neuvic to consolidate its reputation as a visionary and committed company, while affirming its growing influence in the caviar sector, as a model of excellence and innovation. innovation hailed by authorities and industry players


In 2015, Caviar de Neuvic chose to settle on the left bank of the Seine, in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris. Nestled in a stone and wood setting, the brand, symbolized by its famous little white box, opened its doors to Parisians, inviting them to live a unique caviar tasting experience.

This innovative approach, inspired by taste excellence and the creation of new rituals, has made this place much more than a simple point of sale; it also became a permanent Paris office for the company.

Caviar de Neuvic, beyond its commercial role, has transformed into a space for meetings and discoveries dedicated to the exploration of new experiences around caviar.

This place thus embodied the company's vision, combining the art of tasting, innovation and conviviality in an emblematic place, offering a new look at the world of caviar.




In 2020, Caviar de Neuvic wrote a new chapter in its history by opening its very first restaurant in Bordeaux, located in the famous Passage Sarget.

Like the Parisian counter, the Bordeaux counter offers visitors a unique experience that combines a refined boutique and a tasting room.

The distinction of the Bordelais counter lies in a completely new catering activity. Indeed, customers can now taste the signature dishes of a French caviar producer.

This new culinary adventure reflects Caviar de Neuvic's ongoing commitment to providing premier gastronomic experiences, sharing the passion and excellence for which the company is renowned.


In 2021, the Caviar de Neuvic company has shifted its priorities towards Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR).

As a pioneer in the aquaculture sector, it distinguished itself by becoming the First Mission Company in Aquaculture, as well as the First Mission Company in Dordogne.

Caviar de Neuvic also made history by obtaining the first organic label for French caviar, a significant milestone in the quest for sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

Continuing its efforts in favor of CSR, the company has made a decisive commitment by initiating a B-CORP certification process.




In 2022, the famous little white box is set up in Lyon.

This 4th boutique of the brand is located in the heart of the 2nd arrondissement, near Place des Jacobins.

An obvious affinity of spirit links the Jacobins and Caviar de Neuvic: the culture of elegance, the spirit of impertinence, the passion for meeting people. Between corks, designer boutiques and luxury brands, the Jacobins district is a beating heart in the center of the peninsula.

After a successful restoration in 2012, the Jacobins district continues to write the history and legends of a Lyon style art of living.

This boutique represents a new opportunity to present its know-how, shake up the codes, modernize, unwind and simplify caviar.


Caviar de Neuvic joins the community of certified B Corp companies.

This award completes a journey of commitment initiated since the creation of the company: by showing that it is possible to produce caviar under certified organic breeding conditions; then by adopting corporate status at Mission.

Today, with B Corp certification, Caviar de Neuvic proves that fish farming can also be part of a demanding course, and obtain global certification of its practices.

Caviar de Neuvic wishes to inspire other actors, and its stakeholders, to embrace responsible practices, and to contribute to the creation of a sustainable future.

“Not to be the best in the world, but the best for the world” – B Corp




The shareholders of the Caviar de Neuvic company and the majority shareholders of the Caviar House & Prunier group announce the conclusion of a preliminary share exchange agreement, which led to the creation of the entity "PRUNIER GROUP" and the holding majority stakes in these companies and their brands, Prunier Caviar, Caviar de Neuvic, Caviar House & Prunier and Balik, a branch of Caviar House & Prunier (Suisse) SA.

At the end of the operation, Olivier Cabarrot and Laurent DEVERLANGES form the management team of GROUPE PRUNIER and are respectively appointed CEO and COO of this new entity.

This operation will give birth to the French number 1 in caviar production with the potential to become a world leader.

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