Original Tins

Blue and gold, the Origin Box carries within it all the magic of caviar from yesterday to today...

The Neuvic Origin Caviar Box alone embodies the promise of spectacular tasting, limitless pleasure and luxury. The blue box inspires a generous and unforgettable tasting.


The Original Tin

The original box already collected the caviar just after fishing on the boats in the days of wild caviar. It is to the Iranians that we owe the story of the metal Origin Box, surrounded by rubber, which gives caviar all its nobility.

They also revolutionize salting, a crucial step, because salt preserves and enhances aromas.

After delicate salting, the eggs are packaged directly in blue boxes then reserved in the room where maturation will begin. Week after week the BOs will be turned over to allow the exudate to drain: it is during the refining stage that the very particular taste of the caviar develops.

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