New - La Certification B Corp :

Our BCorp certification recognises our commitment to upholding our social and environmental responsibilities. This certification, where we are designated a “Benefit Corporation”, represents the most exacting standards for evaluating the social and environmental impacts of a business.

The certification is based on a detailed evaluation of the global impacts of the organisation based on 5 categories: governance, workers, the environment, community and customers. In France, the BCorp certification is rare, currently limited to just 300 organisations.

Following our recent assessment, HUSO is sitting at a score of 95.1 out of 200, evidence of our active engagement in, and commitment to, continuous improvement. This approach goes to the very heart of the values of Caviar de Neuvic, which is a pioneer in its field.

As such, Caviar de Neuvic is not only the first fish-raising farm in France to be certified BCorp, but also the first caviar producer in the world to achieve this recognition.

Our objective is not to be the best business in the world but the best business for the world.

Our values

Excellence, Respect and Innovation are the values ​​that drive us and that we wish to share with you:


At all stages of our value chain, we have made excellence the fundamental pillar of our company. Since its creation, our company has constantly been recognized and rewarded with multiple labels and distinctions for its commitment to quality, ecology and ethics. Our meticulous approach and concern for the environment have been praised by industry and experts, highlighting our dedication to sustainability. This recognition demonstrates our continued commitment to responsible business practices and our persistence in creating high-quality products and services. We are proud of our journey and strive to maintain this standard of excellence in everything we do.


The Domaine de Caviar de Neuvic is a precious environment located between the Isle River and a century-old forest. It stands out for its ecological and ecosystem-friendly approach. The water from the ponds is recycled and returns to the river after treatment. Caviar de Neuvic raises its sturgeons in ponds fed by the Isle, with particular attention to preserving their fragile life cycle. The females are fed organic food without GMOs or processed animal proteins. The Domaine engages in research to improve egg collection methods. The sturgeon, an endangered species, is protected by the Washington Convention, and the Domaine actively supports the WSCS Association (World Sturgeon Conservation Society) to its preservation and global repopulation. Your support of WSCS is essential to this noble mission.


We use innovation to realize our commitment to production that is more respectful of the environment and fish welfare. Our company has 4 agricultural engineers on permanent contracts, as well as a department specially dedicated to fisheries research and another to research and development in the agri-food sector. Since 2017, Bpi France has recognized us as a member of #TeamExcellence, which demonstrates our excellence in innovation. Additionally, we are proud members of various research and innovation platforms, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.


Management Committee and Strategic Committee

LThe Management Committee meets monthly.
Committee members are:

Laurent Deverlanges – CEO
Sébastien Perrochon - COO
Eric Vidal – Technical Director
Anthony Rapnouil – Supply Chain Manager
Gislain Dmytrow – CFO

The Strategic Committee meets quarterly and its members are:

Laurent Deverlanges 
Didier Suberbielle 
Philippe Der Mergreditchian
Renaud Momméja
Laurent Momméja
Fabrice Boé
Jean-Luc Minet
Nizar El Hachem

CSR: our commitment as Mission-driven Companies

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

The history of caviar and the severe depletion of the sturgeon species in the wild is a lesson for modern fish-raising farming practices and calls for the highest standards of responsible behaviour.

Committed since the beginning to environmental sustainability, our formal BCorp commitment is a new step of recognition for our innovative business, contributing to societal good as we take into daily account our mutual interest in protecting the planet.

Mission-driven Companies (Entreprise à mission)

French law (“la Loi Pacte”) introduced the concept of “Mission-driven companies” in relation to the growth and transformation of companies in France.

This law allows a company to publicly state its mission and purpose, as well as other social and environmental objectives that the company has undertaken to pursue in its operations.

Mission Statement : Our mission statement reflects our organisational values and clearly states our social and environmental contributions, focused on the long-term.
« To offer the most beautiful caviars in the world thanks to our commitment to best practice, respectful of our fish, mankind and the environment. »

Our mission : Our mission breaks down our Mission Statement into social, economic and environmental objectives. We have set specific objectives as follows:

Objective number 1: Reduce our environmental footprint

Objective number 2: Contribute to the economic and social development of our local area

Mission Committee : Separate to the decision-making of the organisation’s management, our Mission Committee is exclusively charged with overseeing the implementation of our Mission. Our Mission Committee meets 2-3 times per year to advise and guide Caviar de Neuvic in its evolution.

OTI - Ethics Group
En tant qu’entreprise à mission, nous sommes soumis à un audit tous les deux ans de la part de notre organisme tiers indépendant (OTI) accrédité par le COFRAC. Nous avons passé cet audit avec succès début janvier puisque nous venons de recevoir un avis favorable !

CSR Program and standards

We are commited to our CSR program which is based on the standards of the B-Corporation certification. Our commitments include the signature of several Charters:

B Corp - CSR approach and standards

We are committed to a CSR approach, based on the B-Corporation standard. Part of our commitments are found in the charters that we have signed.


Protection et Préservation en Action

Our commitment to the environment is unwavering.

We source our energy 100% from renewable sources, and we use 95% of the sturgeon, thus minimizing waste.

This year we wanted to carry out our first carbon footprint (897 tCO2e)



Quality occupies a central place in our relationship with our customers, as evidenced by our labels and certifications such as Origine France Garantie (OFG) and the International Featured Standard (IFS).

In addition, we stand out as the only producer of organic caviar, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.



Deeply committed to our local communities by promoting local area businesses.

Nearly three quarters of our turnover comes from short circuits, and 41% of our purchases are made from suppliers located within 322 km, demonstrating our commitment to supporting the local economy and promoting direct exchanges.



At Caviar de Neuvic, we adopted the status of Mission-based Company in July 2021, thus embodying our commitment to two objectives:  

Reduce our impacts on the environment and

Contribute to the economic and social development of our territory

This orientation guides each of our decisions, demonstrating our commitment to ethical and transparent governance, a central element of our overall approach as a socially responsible company.



With a rate of 78% of permanent contracts among our employees and a recommendation of the company by 80% of them, stability and satisfaction at work are at the heart of our corporate culture. The average length of service of our employees exceeds 3 years, which represents a quarter of the life of our company, which has already been in existence for 12 years.

In addition, we are actively committed to promoting diversity and gender equality, with near parity between men and women (51% men for 49% women 2020) and as a signatory of the charter of the diversity

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