Black gold. A rare and luxurious food, caviar is prized all over the world. He embodies finesse and excellence. A prestigious dish, it is very coveted because it is entirely artisanal, rare, fragile and very long to obtain.


In Neuvic, we practice breeding composed of a unique model of integration, always in search of excellence.

Fish well-being, neutral impact on the environment, water quality, suitable and organic food...

Everything contributes to the comfort of our sturgeons in order to obtain high quality eggs.

This collection from a French caviar producer is available for each species (baeri, oscietra, sevruga, beluga) and according to their origin. Thus the taste, color, texture, grain size and price will differ from one caviar to another. More specifically, the color of a caviar will depend both on the species of sturgeon from which it comes, but also on the individual characteristics of the fish that produces it.

In addition, the color will have an influence on the price of caviar, the lighter the grains (very rare) the more expensive they are because they are very popular.

In terms of taste, it will also differ depending on the species of sturgeon from which they come. For example, Beluga Caviar, known for its large grains, is fatter and butterier. Oscietra Caviar offers a more pronounced iodized taste.

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