Caviar Primeur

What is Primeur Caviar?

Caviar Primeur is a young, seasonal and unripened caviar. Coming from the fishing of the first baeri sturgeon 2024, this new Spring caviar stands out for the delicacy of its aromas and the freshness of its eggs.

Without going through the refining stage in the Original Box, Caviar Primeur is more delicate than Baeri Signature.

Baeri Primeur Caviar comes from the Acipenser Baeri sturgeon. This Caviar is produced in our laboratory in Neuvic with the greatest care from our teams. Freshly salted, the caviar already reveals its aromas and its finely iodized attack.

From €75.00

Caviar Primeur: Back to the sources and the elements

Return to the origins, to the first state, to the essential elements.

Guided by our vision committed to transparency for our customers, Caviar de Neuvic is proud to unveil its Caviar Primeur 2024.

The salt flower
Buttery sweetness
The avocado
The nut
The ice
The stone
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