Pressed caviar
Pressed caviar

Pressed caviar

Pressed caviar is a product with memories of yesteryear. Resulting from a long and meticulous manufacturing process, it is made from our matured caviars then pressed until a creamy paste is obtained which concentrates all the aromas of the caviar.​

​Its taste is more powerful than traditional caviar​

Pressed caviar is a concentrate of caviar aromas. You therefore need very little to flavor your dish. We find a smooth and creamy texture whose color can vary depending on the species of caviar used.​

Culinary associations​​ with pressed caviar

Pressed caviar is an easy-to-use product: on blinis, warm potatoes, in sauce... Even in small quantities, its potency will bring an original touch to your dish.​

​It even allows you to push culinary boundaries by incorporating it into hot preparations.​

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Dry Caviar goes very well on fresh pasta, fish or seafood risotto. 1 to 3 grams will be enough to add a little extra to your dish and give it character. This product is also excellent for making sauce bases with caviar flavours.

Nutritional Values
Pr 100 g
Calorific Values (Kcal) 402 Lipids (g) including of saturated fat (g) 12,5 (2,9)
Calorific Values (Kj) 1694 Carbohydrates (g) including sugar (g) 52,4 (20,1)
Proteins (g) <0,1 Salt (g) <1
Sturgeon roe (Esturgeons Acipenser spp, Huso Huso), salt, preservatives : E285
In the refrigerator between 0 and 4°C.
BBD Guarantee
4 months
Available in
100 g
1000 Items

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