Baeri Organic Caviar

Caviar de Neuvic takes on a new challenge by offering the first French organic caviar.

Organic caviar is the culmination of Caviar de Neuvic’s raison d’être:

“Offering the finest caviars thanks to our commitment as a producer by developing them according to the most qualitative practices that respect fish, people and the environment.”

Caviar de Neuvic is the first French producer to produce organic caviar

Organic caviar produced on request is characterized by its freshness and the purity of its taste. Sturgeon roe and salt, nothing more!

First French Organic Caviar

To produce the first French organic caviar, Caviar de Neuvic respects rigorous specifications including:

  • Organic feeding
  • Low density
  • Open circuit breeding
  • Certified organic laboratory
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