copy of Caviar Butter
copy of Caviar Butter
copy of Caviar Butter
copy of Caviar Butter

copy of Caviar Butter

Often imitated, but never matched! Caviar butter is a recipe conceived by Caviar de Neuvic with Michelin-starred chef Cyril Haberland.

It is simply butter mixed with 28% refined Baeri caviar. With a lower ratio, the taste of caviar would be less pronounced, and it would not be stronger with a higher one. Tip: the flavours appear as its temperature rises. Eaten too cold, you would only taste the butter. So take it out of the refrigerator 10 minutes before use.

Taste caviar differently!

The recipe containing butter and Caviar de Neuvic has a definite caviar colour and flavour. The smoothness of the butter and the texture of the caviar create a bouquet of subtle and original flavours.

Caviar de Neuvic is the originator of this product now offered by other caviar sellers. It is a great way to explore caviar.

Because it is so easy to use, this product lends itself to your creativity. It takes only about 25 toasts and a 45g-box to give a chic dimension to your aperitifs.

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Caviar Butter should be removed from the fridge a few minutes before use to bring it to temperature so that it can be spread evenly. It should be eaten preferably within 24 hours of opening in order to keep the balance and freshness of the flavours intact.


Caviar Butter goes well with vodka and champagne but will alsocompliment perfectly the rich structure and aromatic subtlety of a good white Burgundy wine.

Nutritional Values
Pr 100 g
Calorific Values (Kcal) 579 Lipids (g) including of saturated fat (g) 60,2 (38,4) 
Calorific Values (Kj) 2430 Carbohydrates (g) including sugar (g) 2,7 (0,4)
Proteins (g) 6,41 Salt (g) 0,3
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