copy of Trout roe
copy of Trout roe

copy of Trout roe

Trout roe comes from the Oncorhynchus Mykiss fish species farmed in France.

They are smaller in size than salmon eggs and have a crunchier texture. This implies that the roe has reached a sufficient stage of maturity.

Softer than salmon eggs, trout eggs have a crunchy texture. As they burst in the mouth, they reveal iodine notes characteristic of this species. Caviar de Neuvic follows through on its philosophy of maximising products developed in France and offering a wider range of fish roe in order to meet all tastes and pleasures.

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Ideal on blinis or as a garnish for a dish, these crunchy eggs burst in the mouth.

Enjoy on its own or on toast (blinis), with a little fresh cream. Milder than salmon roe, trout roe goes perfectly with a scallop carpaccio, fresh salmon, scrambled or soft-boiled eggs, and potatoes.

Nutritional Values
Pr 100 g
Calorific Values (Kcal) 197 Lipids (g) including of saturated fat (g) 9,7 (1,8)
Calorific Values (Kj) 824 Carbohydrates (g) including sugar (g) <0,5 (<0,5)
Proteins (g) 27,3 Salt (g) 2,55
Fish roe (Truite Oncorhynchus mykiss) (96,5%), salt
0 / + 4°c
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50 g
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