Beluga Reserve Caviar - Origin Boxe

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Origin Boxes

Blue and gold, the Origin Box epitomises the whole magic of caviar from yesteryear to today... It is reminiscent of the boxes used for collecting caviar directly from the fishing boats when wild caviar was harvested. The Caviar de Neuvic’s Origin Box embodies the promise of spectacular taste, limitless pleasure and luxury.

The Origin Box: an iconic box At the producer’s, as soon as the eggs have been delicately extracted and selected, and then quickly salted, they are stored in these boxes in the cold room to be matured and then repackaged.

Beluga Reserve Caviar

The most beautiful eggs are selected for their rarity and their incomparably long-lasting flavour. This caviar is characterized by the generous size of its eggs and its shades of grey. On the palate, the creamy texture of the roe disperses to give way to fine iodine notes and almond aromas.



It is best to take your caviar box out of the fridge 5 minutes before serving. Arrange it on a bed of ice that will keep it fresh throughout the tasting. Prefer a small mother-of-pearl spoon that will not break the eggs and will not be subject to oxidation.

Nutritional values
Per 100 g
Calorific values (Kcal) 280 Lipids (g) including of saturated fat (g) 17 (4,4)
Calorific values (Kj) 1172 Carbohydrates (g) including sugar (g) 3,75 (0,4)
Proteins (g) 25 Salt (g) 4,2
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Data sheet

Sturgeon roe (Huso Huso), salt, E285
In the refrigerator between 0 and 4°C. After opening, consume within 48h
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